About DKX Advanced Manufacturing

DKX Advanced Manufacturing is the hard armor division of Phalanx Defense Systems, LLC headquartered in Gainesville, Florida. Our transition to the Florida headquarters began in December of 2014 and was completed February 2nd, 2015. We remain committed to driving the next generation of armor products, delivering product on time, and offering the best value in the industry.

Why DKX Armor?

  • In-house R&D, testing and manufacturing creates a short path from concept to market.
  • Strong support for OEM customers as well as distributors.
  • Strict process standards & controls ensure consistency & the best products possible.
  • An experienced team committed to driving the next generation of armor plate technology.
  • Our R&D focuses on armor plates and ballistics, not pressing industrial and commercial products.
  • Press that exceeds material manufacturers minimum pressure suggestion.
  • MAX is more than a byline. We strive to squeeze the maximum performance out of our material,
    processes and products.