David, saved by a DKX M3 (MAX III) HARD ARMOR

"In the end, what I was looking for was an armor package that was not only light enough to allow for significant agility, but also comfortable enough to be sustainable in vehicle mounted operations, and additionally rugged enough to provide multiple-hit protection against most common shoulder arm weapons. Eventually I found the DKX Armor plates; they fit the exact needs I just described. I have run these plates across multiple mission profiles from surveillance to direct action operations. They do everything that the armor for the “urban-environment-light-fighter” should do. And I would not be here with you today if it were not for these plates – so I would like to thank Phalanx Defense/DKX for their forward thinking, innovative design, professionalism, and quality products."


Clyde, I recieved my plate carrier.........THIS THING IS AWESOME!!! Wow, I can't believe the quality and fit and finish of this carrier. I have posted it on my FB pages along with the plates- A very happy customer and I will recommend these to whomever asks me about them- All of my friends are shooters and preppers/ LEO and Military as well so I should get some interest. I will refer you anyone asks. I love the versatility with everything being removable!! AGAIN JUST AWESOME!! Keep up the great work!! Thanks so much

I love the plate

I love the plate. It replaced my HEAVY plate in my raid vest. I am with the County Sheriff's Office... My lower back thanks you!!!!!


Just in case the others never tell you... You are awesome. Thanks so much for what you do.

DKX plates are so light compared to what I currently use.

Thanks again for all your help with my order. The dkx plates are so light compared to what I currently have it should be like they are not even there.

I love the plate

I can't tell you how happy and impressed I am with your customer service. I didn't think it was really your responsibility to swap the plate for me, but you made it happen, and I think that was really cool of you. I'm about to take my first tactical classes at Talon Defense. Be sure that I will brag on you guys every chance I get. I'll be getting a set of rifle plates from you guys in the future. Take care, and thank you again!!!

Everyone including myself loves them so far.

I received your plates today. Everyone including myself loves them so far. I will be talking to my command staff about potential orders soon. Thank you.